Proposed Community Governance Review for BGPC

Herefordshire Council are proposing to undertake a Community Governance Review which would consider the number of Councillors sitting on Brockhampton Group Parish Council.
Currently there are 15 seats to represent the three Parishes of Norton, Linton and Brockhampton. This is quite a large number for a Parish with such a low population and consequently BGPC have found it difficult to fill all of the available seats.

Herefordshire Council is looking to undertake a full consultation process to take account of the views of local people.  The Council is required to consult the local government electors for the area under review and any other person or body who appears to have an interest in the review and to take the representations that are received into account.  The Council will also identify any other person or body who it feels may have an interest in the review and write to them inviting them to submit their views at both stages of consultation.

Further details can be found in the attached Draft Terms of Reference.

2 thoughts on “Proposed Community Governance Review for BGPC”

  1. Thanks for sharing the proposed review. It appears to makes sense. It might be an idea to highlight on this website which council seats are currently vacant with a brief summary of the role of a parish councillor for those that might be interested. If this is already on the site then my apologies but I could not find reference to it.

    • Thank you for the comments and feedback. We will be advertising the Parish Council vacancies and Neighbourhood Development Plan Steering Group shortly.


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