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  1. I have noticed of late a number of cars parked, and not moved, in the field on the A44 opposite the Linton Industrial Area, at least one of which displays a “for sale” sign. Yesterday I noted that 2 temporary-looking units had appeared there also.There is a large lake within the field, which would possibly imply that this field is not an industrial site.

    I would appreciate if you would be able to let me know whether permission has been granted for a business to be carried out in this area.

  2. I’ve just seen the notices regarding application for a NDP within the parish boundaries. Having only ever considered the ward as a voting region I am curious as to the motivations of this request. At the county level there is a wealth of planning guidance, information and a clear process with a clear appeals process embedded.

    In order to consider the NDP application appropriately it would be useful to read and understand the planning strategy of the parish council, alongside a clear indication of the intents, motivations and positions of the council members.

    Having looked on the county website and this portal I have not been able to locate the parish justifications or strategy to make a determination of my support or not. The only reference point I have is the minutes of previous planning applications to go by.

    • Thank you for your comments. The Parish Council are looking to progress a Neighbourhood Development Plan to allow a greater level of local influence on future planning matters. Further details on Neighbourhood Planning are available on Herefordshire Council’s website, as follows:

      The Parish Council is still at the very early stages of this process but if you would like further information, or if you would like to be involved in the process, please do come along to a future meeting of the Parish Council, the next is scheduled for 19th October. This website will also be updated as the plan progresses.


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