Coronavirus: Support for Businesses

Herefordshire Council’s Economic Development Team delivers a service called the Marches Growth Hub Herefordshire.  This online service offers FREE support services for all local businesses.  There are a number of government supported initiatives that can potentially help businesses through this unprecedented time of uncertainty.

If you are a business wishing to have further information on Covid-19 then the details of the local support are available on the Marches Growth Hub Website:

Alternatively if you wish to discuss with a member of the Economic Development team please contact 01432 261758 or 01432 383633 or

Coronavirus: Museums, libraries and archives close to the public from Friday

Services will close temporarily in line with government advice and to ensure public safety

Following the most recent government announcements regarding COVID-19, Herefordshire Council will close museum, library and archive services from the end of business on Friday 20 March until further notice. All sites will be closed to the public and all events and activities due to take place will be postponed.

During the closure, staff will be asked to work from home, work at the closed sites or potentially be redeployed to support the delivery of other essential council services.

We are very sorry for this interruption to services. We are striving to minimise the impact this may have on the public with the following actions:

  • There will be no overdue charges on library items borrowed since 14 March
  • Our Borrowbox e-book and e-audio service can still be accessed online and we will increase the number of items available to borrow
  • Our existing Home Delivery library service to housebound and vulnerable customers will continue with some adaptations
  • Our existing online resources will remain available to anyone with a Herefordshire Libraries membership card and PIN. If you experience any issues email

We will also look at other ways in which we can support our communities and make our services available in different ways during the closure period.

Councillor Gemma Davies, Cabinet Member for Commissioning, Procurement and Assets, said: “Cultural services are at the backbone of our communities, serving some of the most vulnerable members of our society. For many, engaging with these services is vital for their health and wellbeing – both physically and mentally – and is key to the prevention of social isolation. In light of government guidance on social distancing and self-isolation, the need for cultural services in the next few months will be greater than ever.

“Over recent years the services have faced significant challenges with cuts to funding. These challenges have been taken head on with services finding ways to survive and thrive. This pandemic will be no different. Services will have to be delivered in a different way and this will take some time to finalise, so please bear with us for the interim period while this is agreed.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the incredible staff, volunteers, ‘Friends of’ groups and users for their continued fight to keep cultural services at the heart of our communities. Your resolve never falters and I am proud to work alongside you.”

For updates to council services visit

For the latest government advice visit

Coronavirus: Update

Update on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Herefordshire Council and its partners are well prepared to deal with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). There are tried and tested procedures to prevent further spread and the NHS is very well prepared and used to managing infections.

For further details please visit the Herefordshire Council website The website has links to a variety of guidance documents which you may find useful.  We advise that you do not print or download guidance but use the links provided, which will be updated as required based on new information.

How you can help

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds, especially before cooking and eating; after using the toilet and using public transport.
  • ‘Catch it. Bin it. Kill it’: If you sneeze or cough remember to catch it with a tissue; bin it and kill it by washing your hands or using a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol if soap and water isn’t available.
  • Follow PHE’s returning traveller advice: There are some countries and areas where there’s a higher chance of coming into contact with someone with coronavirus. If you have returned from travelling outside of the UK within the last 14 days please check and follow the PHE specific advice for returning travellers.
  • Stay up to date with the latest information.

Additional sources of general information

For the latest, reputable sources of information about this coronavirus please visit the following websites:

Offer to businesses impacted by flooding



Offering FREE face-to-face support services for businesses, the Marches Growth Hub – Herefordshire is a place where businesses can find out more about funding and finance and wider business support available to local Herefordshire businesses, regardless of size or sector, from pre-start to established businesses


Business Flood Recovery Grants for business premises

Council Tax and Business rate relief

Council tax relief and Business rate relief is available for properties affected by the recent floods.

You can apply by emailing – or, if relating to business rates, who can arrange for a visiting officer to go and inspect the damage.

Business Grants – we have listed those grants that we feel are the most relevant but there are other funded schemes and programmes available – just ask your local Growth Hub.


  • The University of Wolverhampton – Cyber Quarter has offered 4 business incubation desks at the Hereford Business Solutions Centre for a business management/administrative function Free of Charge on a temporary arrangement.
  • Commercial Property Register – the Economic Development Team can undertake property searches for businesses looking for alternative premises.


Every Mind Matters –



Support for properties and businesses affected by flooding

Please do not enter flood water or put yourself at unnecessary risk. If your home has been flooded and there is no threat to life, dial 01432 260000. If you are in danger, always call 999.

Council tax relief and Business rate relief is available for properties affected by the recent floods

For more information or to apply, please visit the Herefordshire Council website:

Community Flood Recovery Grant for residential properties

The grant is for £500 and paid direct to the household.

Households are eligible where flood water has entered the habitable areas of the property, or the residence is considered unliveable for any period of time due to flooding.

The grant does not apply to empty homes, second homes or student accommodation.

Business Flood Recovery Grant for business premises

The grant is up to £2,500 per small / medium sized business affected, as a grant paid direct to the business.

Businesses are eligible where the business is directly impacted or has directly suffered a loss of trade as a result of the flooding that cannot be recovered from insurance.

Police ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ Initiative

We Don’t Buy Crime Initiative

Acquisitive crime, including burglary, robbery and theft harms our communities. A person’s home and possessions often carry an emotional attachment and when a criminal interferes with this, it can have a long-lasting impact on victims. West Mercia Police is committed to protecting people from these crimes.

‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ demonstrates this commitment, by taking an innovative approach to reducing and disrupting the market for stolen goods and protecting your home and possessions by making them less attractive to the would-be criminal.

West Mercia Police is committed to our vision of protecting people from harm. We want to prevent crime from happening in the first place, but when it does happen we want to ensure that we respond to it by providing the victim with a professional and high quality service, seeking to prevent people from falling victim again. ‘We Don’t Buy Crime’ is tailored to achieve this.

By working together, we will make our communities a safer place to live in.

If you require any further assistance or information do not hesitate to contact your Safer Neighbourhood Team. If you have information about a crime, phone the police on 101 or anonymously contact the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

SmartWater Offer

West Mercia Police are working in partnership with local business, SmartWater, to offer our communities the latest property marking technology to protect your home and possessions. By working together, SmartWater are offering people who live in the Warwickshire and West Mercia policing areas an exclusive opportunity to purchase a home security pack at a special promotional price of £19.95.

Local second-hand goods traders and police officers are equipped to detect the presence of SmartWater on property, increasing the likelihood that any stolen property will be reunited with its rightful owner and offenders prosecuted.

How SmartWater works:

  • Assigns your valuables with their own unique forensic code, allowing them to be traced back to you
  • Makes your home less of a target for thieves
  • Can be used on anything from electronic equipment to jewellery
  • Easy to apply, only visible under UV light – does not leave unattractive marks or stains
  • Proven to work – widely used by the police and feared by criminals
  • Gives added peace of mind
  • Supplied with signage to warn thieves that your home is protected
  • When deployed by police, SmartWater has helped reduce burglary by up to 85%
  • Helps to increase prosecutions by linking criminals back to the scene of their crime

How to buy:

Go to or call 0333 320 7797. Make sure you quote discount code WDBCRIME25.

Annual Parish Meeting – 3rd May 2019

Brockhampton Group Parish Council’s Annual Parish Meeting will be held at 7:30PM on Friday 3rd May 2019

Agenda 03 May 2019 – Annual Parish Meeting

Purpose of the Annual Parish Meeting
The purpose of the meeting is so that the Parish Council can explain what it has been doing over the last year and it enables the electors to have their say on anything they consider is important to the people of the Parish.

Who can attend the meeting?
The Annual Parish Meeting is a meeting of all the local government electors for the Parish. It is NOT a Meeting of the Parish Council. Anyone may attend but only registered electors of Brockhampton, Linton and Norton may speak and vote.

Will I be able to ask questions and make suggestions?
Yes, any registered elector may ask questions of the Council, which will usually be answered by the Chairperson, the Clerk to the Council, or a designated Councillor. An elector may also make suggestions and comment on anything pertinent to the residents of the Parish. This is to be welcomed and is the whole purpose of the meeting.

Who will chair the meeting?
The Chairperson of the Parish Council will chair the meeting. If the Chair is not able to attend, then the meeting will elect a chairperson from amongst those electors present.

Will Parish Councillors be there?
Usually they do attend and will speak if need be. But the purpose of the meeting is to enable the ordinary electors to have their say on any topic of their choosing. Councillors will listen with interest and as electors themselves, also have the opportunity to raise questions and make comments if they wish.

Will notes be taken of the meeting?
Yes, a written record of the meeting will be taken and will be presented at a future meeting of Council for their consideration.

What else happens at the meeting?
In the past we have invited local clubs, societies and other voluntary and statutory organisations to provide a report or speak about the work of their group.

How long will the meeting last?
As long as need be within reason. It really depends on those present and the number of questions and the discussion that is raised. Generally, the meeting will last no longer than 1 hour.