Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 17 May 2018

Annual Parish Meeting held at 7:00pm on Thursday 17th May 2018 at Bromyard and Winslow Town Council Offices


Present: Paul Friend (Chairman), Dave Cave, Helen Allan, Shaun Simpson, Clive Brazier (from 19:16PM)
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Nigel Shaw (Ward Councillor)

1. Introduction and Welcome
The Chairman opened the meeting.

2. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Gill Williams.

3. To approve the minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Thursday 18th May 2017
The minutes were approved as a true record and were signed by the Chairman.

4. Matters arising
No matters arising.

5. To invite the Ward Councillor, Nigel Shaw, to address the meeting
Nigel Shaw commented on the successes of the Parish Council over the last year and welcomed progress on the Neighbourhood Development Plan and Community Governance Review.

His priorities for the coming year were the A44 speed limit and traffic issues, the closure of the layby on the A44 and maintenance of Burying Lane.

6. To receive a report from Bromyard Downs Common Association
No report available.

7. To receive a report from Bringsty Common Manorial Court
Grant funding from Natural England had been applied for and a feasibility study was being progressed.

A dormouse study is ongoing; no dormice had been identified yet.

8. To receive a report from the Footpaths Officer
No report available.

9. To receive the Annual Report of the Parish Council by the Chairman
The Chairman provided a report as follows:

Firstly may I thank all of our Councillors and members of the public who have contributed towards making the three Parishes a better place to live and work.

The council has responded to the Rural Areas Site Allocation Development Plan Document (RASA DPD). Our thanks go to the sub-committee for undertaking this work.

The council decided to go forward with the Neighbourhood Development Plan, a sub-committee has been formed of Councillors and members of the parishes, we have engaged a consultant to help with knowledge and guidance in developing the plan.

The council have agreed to request a community governance review which is ongoing.

The general work of the council has been involved in areas of concern including speed on the A44, numerous planning applications, individual issues of parishioners and other opportunities for local organisations including ramblers, Bromyard Downs Common Association and Bringsty Common Manorial Court.

I am not one for mentioning individuals for fear of offending someone who has contributed and I have failed to acknowledge.

My only exception to the rule is the Community Champion Award given to Mr Edgar Whitely who with his wife Betty has contributed so much over many years to the Bromyard community, a very well deserved award.

Thank you to all who have helped the council to move forward in a very positive way.

10. To invite the public to raise any matters of interest
No questions received.