Minutes 22 November 2017

Meeting of the Parish Council held at 7:30PM on Wednesday 22nd November 2017 at Bromyard and Winslow Town Council Offices.


Present: Paul Friend (Chairman), Pete Stoddart, David Boddington, Helen Allan, Shaun Simpson, Gill Williams, Dave Cave (from 8:02PM)
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Nigel Shaw (Ward Councillor), member of the public

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Karen Rock.

2. Declarations of interest
Nil declared.

3. Dispensations
Nil received.

4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on the 19th October 2017.
The minutes were agreed as a true record and were signed by the Chairman.

5. Progress Reports:

1. Community Governance Review
It was noted that the Community Governance Review had been accepted by Herefordshire Council and that the initial consultation period would continue until the 19th January 2018.

2. Co-option
It was noted that there were currently six vacancies on the Parish Council and that no applications had been received.

6. Open Session:
The meeting was adjourned for the public open session.

1. Report by Ward Councillor, Nigel Shaw
• Balfour Beatty Living Places had a new Locality Steward.
• Two new grit bins had been delivered for Bringsty Common.
• Fly tipping had been reported at two locations in the ward.
• Repairs to footpath stiles had been undertaken.

2. Update from Bromyard Downs Common Association
No report available.

3. Update from Bringsty Common Manorial Court
An application for PA2 funding for a feasibility survey had been submitted.

4. Report from the Footpaths Officer, Janet Green
No issues were reported.

5. Public participation
A member of the public raised concerns with proposed drainage work at Clater Park and requested further information on plans previously shared with the Parish Council. The member of the public requested a letter from Herefordshire Council confirming that planning conditions had been achieved.

It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Herefordshire Council to bring these concerns to their attention. Nigel Shaw would take the issue up with Building Control at Herefordshire Council.

Cllr Cave entered the meeting at 8:02PM.

The meeting recommenced following the public open session.

7. Planning:

1. P173628/FH – Providence Cottage, The Downs, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4NY. Proposed replacement single storey extension.
The council raised no objection to the proposals.

2. P173786/L – Providence Cottage, The Downs, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4NY. Proposed replacement single storey extension.
The council raised no objection to the proposals.

3. P173946/L – Malvern View Country Park, Woodend Lane, Stanford Bishop, Worcester. Change of use of land for the siting of up to 122 no. caravans, and a change of use and comprehensive redevelopment of the existing farmyard buildings and associated agricultural barns to provide additional facilities including indoor pool, gymnasium, spa, owners lounge, office area, play barn, childrens entertainment area and petting farm.
The council object as it was felt that the proposed development of the site would have a significant adverse impact on the character and appearance of the listed Boyce Farmhouse, ancillary buildings and the surrounding landscape.

8. Neighbourhood Development Plan:

1. To consider the next steps in the preparation of a Neighbourhood Development Plan.
It was agreed to prepare a letter drop to the whole of the group parish to advertise the setting up of the Steering Group and to keep residents informed. An information sheet would also be included explaining the purpose of Neighbourhood Development Plans.

It was agreed that the first meeting of the Steering Group would be at 7:30PM on Friday 26th January at Bromyard and Winslow Town Council Offices.

It was agreed to invite three planning consultants to interview at the next full meeting of the Parish Council.

2. To consider Herefordshire Council’s screening and scoping reports stage A for Brockhampton Group.
It was agreed that Cllr Stoddart would review and prepare a summary to be circulated to the Parish Council.

9. Community Housing Funding
The availability of funding was noted.

10. Gypsy and Travellers’ Development Plan Document
Herefordshire Council’s consultation document was considered. The council agreed to comment with respect to the Openfields Caravan Site (Linton), as it was felt that the plot was already sufficiently large in relation to the size of the parish. Concern would also be raised regarding the previous poor management of the site and the council would request closer supervision in future to ensure the satisfactory integration of new families with the community.

11. Policy
The council reviewed and adopted new Standing Orders, which included delegated powers to the Clerk for emergency issues falling between scheduled meetings.

12. Traffic calming issues
Concern was expressed regarding the access to the industrial estate at Linton; it was felt that various signs obstructed visibility. It was uncertain if the signs were on adopted highway land but Nigel Shaw agreed to raise this concern with Herefordshire Council to see if the signs could be relocated.

It was noted that a number of large stones had been dislodged from the A44 bridge by the old hospital site and it was felt that this was due, in part, to HGV traffic travelling at speed.

13. Finance:

1. Clerk’s salary and expenses – £286.97
2. HMRC (PAYE) – £66.40
The above payments were agreed and cheques duly signed. Salary and tax payments for December were agreed and expenditure would be minuted at the next meeting.

3. To consider and approve the bank reconciliation.
The bank reconciliation was approved and signed by the Chairman.

4. To consider the Parish Council’s budget and precept requirements for 2018/19.
The council considered the budget and agreed an increase in the precept requirement to £8000.

14. Councillors’ reports and Items for the next agenda
The following items were agreed for the next agenda:
• NDP update and interviewing consultants
• Update on traffic concerns relating to the A44
• Meeting dates for whole year
• Donation to Bromyard Christmas lights of £100.

15. Date of the next meeting
The next scheduled meeting of the Parish Council would be at 7:30PM on Wednesday 7th February 2018.

The meeting closed at 9:58PM.