Minutes 21 September 2017

Meeting of the Parish Council held at 7:30PM on Thursday 21st September 2017 at Bromyard and Winslow Town Council Offices


Present: Paul Friend (Chairman), Shaun Simpson, Pete Stoddart, Clive Brazier, Helen Allan, Dave Cave, Roger Steeds
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Nigel Shaw (Ward Councillor), Stephanie Kitto (Herefordshire Council Officer)

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were received from Cllr Gill Williams and Cllr Karen Rock.

Cllr Steeds was moving house (out of the area) and so resigned from the Parish Council with immediate effect. Cllr Steeds left the meeting.

2. Declarations of interest
Cllr Friend declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 11.

3. Dispensations
Nil received.

4. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on the 13th July 2017.
The minutes were agreed as a true record and signed by the Chairman.

5. Progress Reports:

1. ‘Bromyard’ Motocross Track
An update was provided regarding concerns raised over access to ‘Bromyard’ Motocross Track. The Clerk and Cllr Steeds had met with the Police and Herefordshire Council to look at safety improvements for the private vehicular access.

2. Grit bins
It was noted that Herefordshire Council would look to provide two replacement grit bins and Nigel Shaw would meet with Herefordshire Council to agree the locations.

3. Clater Park
It was confirmed that enquiries with Herefordshire Council and the Environment Agency were ongoing. No further update was available.

4. Rural Area Site Allocation Development Plan Document
It was confirmed that a consultation response had been sent from the Parish Council.

5. Website
It was agreed that Bringsty Common Manorial Court could provide information for the website.

6. Open Session:

1. Report by Ward Councillor, Nigel Shaw
Nigel Shaw confirmed that resurfacing of the A44 had been undertaken and further bids were being prepared with the Department for Transport and Worcestershire County Council.

It was noted that Brockhampton School had been awarded a ‘good’ Ofsted rating. It was agreed that the Clerk would liaise with the Headteacher to see if they wanted an article on the Parish Council’s website.

Renewal of road markings was requested at various locations through the parish.

2. Update from Bromyard Downs Common Association
An update was provided on the activities of the BDCA.

It was noted that improvements had been made to allow better disabled access to the Downs. It was thought that the dog bag dispensers would be removed due to irresponsible use by dog owners. An update was provided on potential hay cutting but no workable solution had been identified. Fixed fencing was on hold until graziers willing to use the Downs could be found. It was noted that Ash Die back was now present on the Downs and the options were being considered for dealing with this.

The Clek would ask if there were any plans for ditching work on the Downs Road (uphill side) and enquire if the Parish Council could assist.

3. Update from Bringsty Common Manorial Court
An update was given on vegetation cutting arrangements.

Enquiries with Natural England were ongoing regarding funding.

4. Report from the Footpaths Officer, Janet Green
No report available.

5. Public participation
No questions received.

7. Neighbourhood Development Plan
Stephanie Kitto, Neighbourhood Planning Officer, provided an update regarding the NDP process. A question and answer session followed.

It was unanimously agreed that Brockhampton Group Parish Council would pursue an NDP. The Clerk would make enquiries with Herefordshire Council to see how this could be progressed at the next meeting.

8. To consider Herefordshire Council’s Minerals and Waste Local Plan – Issues and Options consultation
No comments.

9. To consider Herefordshire Council’s Rights of Way Improvement Plan consultation
No comments were made but the Clerk would discuss with the Footpaths Officer.

10. To consider Herefordshire Council’s proposed Community Governance Review
The Council considered that the previous comments, relating to the large number of seats on the Parish Council in relation to the small number of electors, were still relevant. The Council resolved to ask that a community governance review is undertaken.

11. To consider new access to The Midden from existing track on Bringsty Common
The owner of The Midden has proposed a new access, it was noted that Bringsty Common Manorial Court had considered the proposals and were supportive.

The Parish Council were in support of the proposal.

12. Planning:

1. 172345 – Malvern View Country Estate, Woodend Lane, Stanford Bishop, Worcester. Change of use of land for the siting of up to 122 no. caravans, and a change of use, and comprehensive redevelopment of the existing farmyard buildings and associated agricultural barns to provide additional facilities including indoor pool, gymnasium, spa, owners lounge, office area, play barn, children’s entertainment area and petting farm.
The Parish Council object to this application on the grounds of traffic generated, inadequate access and the significant increase in the number of caravans.

2. 173092 – Linton Mill, Malvern Road, Bringsty, Worcester, Herefordshire WR6 5TH. Proposed change of use to provide new private driveway from Stonehouse Lane to Linton Mill to serve established dwelling.
The Parish Council raised no objection, but it was noted that one local resident felt it was unnecessary.

3. 173137 – The Coach House, Unit 15 Linton Trading Estate, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4QT. Proposed change of use from offices to a restaurant.
The Parish Council were in support of the application.

4. 172788 – Unit C Linton Trading Estate, Bromyard, Herefordshire, HR7 4QT. Proposed change of use to B1, B2, B8 and A1 Use Classes.
The Parish Council were in support of the application.

13. Finance:

1. Clerks salary and expenses (two months) – £662.65
2. HMRC PAYE – £117.80
3. Information Commissioner – £35.00
4. Ramblers’ Association, Hereford Group (steps) – £62.21
5. Bromyard and Winslow Town Council (room hire) – £64.80
All of the above payments were agreed and cheques duly signed.

6. To consider and approve the bank reconciliation
The bank reconciliation was approved and signed by the Chairman.

7. To consider the Clerk’s salary following completion of CiLCA
A resolution was passed to exclude members of the public due to the confidential nature of the following item.
The Council reviewed the Clerk’s salary and agreed an increase to salary scale point 25 (NJC 2017) with immediate effect.

14. Councillors’ reports and Items for the next agenda
Nigel Shaw confirmed that planning application P170759/F (New Barns, Norton – to allow the boarding of 80 dogs) had been approved by the planning officer.

It was agreed that the Clerk would contact the Herefordshire Association of Local Councils regarding the conduct of the previous Clerk.

The following items were agreed for the next agenda:
• Neighbourhood Development Plan

15. Date of the next meeting
The next meeting of the Parish Council is at 7:30PM on 19th October 2017.

The meeting closed at 21:46PM.