Minutes 20 November 2019

Meeting of the Parish Council at 7:30PM on Wednesday 20th November 2019 at Bromyard & Winslow Town Council Offices


Present: Clive Brazier (Chair), Helen Allan, Dave Cave, David Boddington, Shaun Simpson, Karen Rock
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Parish Clerk), Nigel Shaw (Ward Councillor), member of the public

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies were approved from Lindsey Vernalls.

2. Declarations of interest
Nil declared.

3. Dispensations
Nil received.

4. Open Session
The meeting was adjourned for the open session.

4.1. Ward Councillor
Nigel Shaw provided a report as follows:
• Herefordshire Council have opened an online consultation on their 2020 budget, there is a consultation event on the 21st November at Bromyard Public Hall, 9AM to midday. Currently a 4% rise in the precept is proposed.

4.2. Bromyard Downs Common Association
It was noted that the next meeting of the BDCA is planned for Tuesday 3rd December 2019.

An issue was raised regarding the BDCA website, which was still out of date. It was resolved to write to the BDCA secretary to look into this.

4.3. Bringsty Common Manorial Court
It was noted that Catherine Fuller had been elected the new Chair of Bringsty Common Manorial Court. There would be a review of the fire break cuttings and funding, this would be going out to consultation shortly.

4.4. Public participation
A member of the public spoke regarding the possibility of converting the old Leominster to Worcester railway line into a walk/cycle/bridle way (item 7.1). Enquiries have been made with all Parish Councils along the route and favourable feedback had so far been received. The leisure, economic and safety benefits were outlined. Sustrans had been consulted and initial enquiries had been positive. If initial funding could be identified a feasibility study would be commissioned to ascertain the viability and likely costs of the project.

The meeting resumed following the open session.

5. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on the 16th October 2019
It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a true record and they were signed by the Chair.

6. Progress reports

6.1. Councillor vacancies
It was noted that there were currently three vacancies on the Parish Council and applications were welcomed.

6.2. Grit bin, Burley Lane
Nigel Shaw had confirmed that a new grit bin has been placed and filled on Burley Lane, as requested.

6.3. Water course condition reports
The Environment Agency had reported that Tedstone Brook appears to be suffering from siltation and nutrient loading and this was thought to be due to an increase in intensive arable farming and in particular an increase in maize production. The EA are working with farmers and try to create a balance where sustainable agriculture can occur. Councillors and residents were encouraged to report soil erosion during or after heavy rains to the EA Incident Hotline on 0800 80 70 60.

6.4. Light pollution, Bromyard Downs
No update was available.

It was thought that there were additional issues resulting from the floodlights on the Linton industrial estate.

6.5. Review of polling districts, polling places and polling stations
It was noted that there would be no changes affecting the parish.

6.6. BT telephone boxes removal consultation
It was noted that Herefordshire Council had objected to the removal of the telephone box near Bringsty Forge as it was near an accident cluster site on the A44.

7. Correspondence

7.1. Resident: To consider the possibility of converting the old Leominster to Worcester railway line into a cycle/walk leisure way.
Councillors were very supportive of the proposals and it was resolved to write an email of endorsement. It was thought that this aspiration could be included in the emerging Brockhampton Group Neighbourhood Development Plan and it was resolved to discuss this with the NDP consultant.

7.2. Herefordshire Council: Current development in the River Lugg catchment area position statement 15th October 2019.
It was noted that Natural England had identified an issue with high phosphate levels in the Lugg drainage area and had advised Herefordshire Council that they will be objecting to any planning application within the catchment if there was a possible impact on the Lugg.

7.3. Herefordshire Council: Budget 2020/21 and Corporate Plan consultation.
Herefordshire Council have opened an online consultation on their 2020 budget, there is a consultation event on the 21st November at Bromyard Public Hall 9AM to midday.

7.4. Wye Valley ANOB: Draft Wye Valley AONB Management Plan 2020-2025 consultation.
No comments.

7.5. Herefordshire Green Network: To note invite to The Great Collaboration event, Wednesday 28th November, 7pm – 9pm at The Mews in The Falcon Hotel, Bromyard.
It was noted that the invite had contained an error and the date of The Great Collaboration event would be Thursday 28th November 2019.

8. Planning

8.1. Neighbourhood Development Plan
It was noted that the first draft of the NDP was currently being written by DJN Planning. There were no other matters to report following the last meeting.

8.2. NDP Community Engagement Event
A report had been received from DJN Planning concerning the recent Community Engagement Event and the feedback received.

Councillors felt that, in particular, the Malvern Road site should be reduced in size to be more in keeping with adjacent developments, and that additional sites should be considered, where possible, with a view to dispersing future development across the area. It was felt that the NDP should not allocate more housing than is required by Herefordshire Council’s Core Strategy, including taking into account any potential ‘windfall’ gains.

9. Parish matters for discussion/decision

9.1. Bus shelter
It was noted that a second-hand bus shelter might be available from Whitbourne Parish Council; enquiries had been made with a contractor who would take down the old shelter and store it. It was resolved to support the repositioning of the shelter on the A44, provided that the relevant permissions and funding could be identified.

9.2. Notice board
The Clerk had obtained quotes for the purchase of a new notice board for Linton parish; up to £750.00 had been allocated in the 2019/20 budget for this. It was resolved to place an order for a Greenbarnes notice board (previous supplier to the Parish Council), the costs were anticipated to be around £600.00 (plus installation).

10. Finance

10.1. Budget expenditure
It was resolved to approve the budget expenditure.

10.2. Bank reconciliation
It was resolved to approve the bank reconciliation.

10.3. Bank mandate
The bank signatory arrangements were approved and the mandate paperwork was duly signed.

10.4. Budget
The 2020/21 budget was considered and approved and it was resolved to request a precept of £9500.00.

10.5. Invoices

10.5.1. David Hunter-Miller (salary and expenses): £528.52
10.5.2. HMRC (PAYE): £49.80
10.5.3. DJN Planning Ltd (NDP): £450.00
10.5.4. HALC (website hosting): £66.00
10.5.5. Brockhampton Primary School (room hire): £160.00
10.5.6. Bringsty Common Manorial Court (donation): £200.00
It was resolved to settle the above invoices and cheques were duly signed.

11. Councillors’ reports and Items for the next agenda
It was resolved to add the following items to the next agenda:
• Light pollution (update)
• Bus shelter (update)
• Notice board (update)

12. Date of the next meeting
The next scheduled meeting is at 7:30PM on Wednesday 15th January 2020.

The meeting closed at 21:05PM.