Minutes 17 May 2018 – Annual Council Meeting

Annual Meeting of the Parish Council held at 7:30PM on Thursday 17th May 2018 at Bromyard and Winslow Town Council Offices


Present: Paul Friend (Chairman), Dave Cave, Helen Allan, Shaun Simpson, Clive Brazier, Karen Rock, David Boddington (from 20:29PM)
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Nigel Shaw (Ward Councillor)

1. Election of a Chairman
Paul Friend was unanimously elected as Chairman and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office.

2. Election of a Vice-Chairman
Dave Cave was unanimously elected as Vice-Chairman.

3. Apologies for absence
Apologies had been received from Gill Williams.

4. Declarations of interest
Paul Friend declared a Disclosable Pecuniary Interest in item 8.1 ‘Bringsty Grand Prix’.

5. Dispensations
Paul Friend was granted a dispensation to give a brief update on item 8.1 ‘Bringsty Grand Prix’.

6. Open Session
The meeting was adjourned for the public open session.

1. Report from the Ward Councillor, Nigel Shaw
Nigel Shaw provided an update on Herefordshire Council as follows:
• Cabinet agreed arrangements for the provision of a new assessment and support service for young carers.
• The key activities planned for 2018/19 in order to meet the priorities of the Council’s four year Corporate Plan were agreed in the annual corporate delivery plan.
• Cabinet agreed a new policy and arrangements for the allocation of social housing in Herefordshire and will be working closely with the social housing providers to ensure the new arrangements can be implemented in the autumn.
• This month Cabinet approved the business case for a permanent extension of Marlbrook Primary Teaching School.
• In the coming months Cabinet will be making important decisions regarding the future arrangements for library, museum and archive services in the county and regarding the preferred route for the long awaited Hereford Bypass.
• Cabinet will also be considering how the council can work collectively to continue to improve the way we work so that we can meet our corporate plan priority to secure better services, quality of life and value for money.
• We have recently confirmed that the sale of the council’s smallholdings estate will net the council some £43m. This essential resource will be reinvested, in accordance with the medium term financial strategy agreed by Council in January.

2. Report from Bromyard Downs Common Association
The dog fouling bag dispensers had been removed as they were subject to abuse.

3. Report from Bringsty Common Manorial Court
Grant funding from Natural England had been applied for and a feasibility study was being progressed.

A dormouse study is ongoing; no dormice had been identified yet.

4. Report from the Footpaths Officer
No report available.

5. Public participation
No questions were received.

The meeting resumed following the public open session

7. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on the 19th April 2018.
The minutes were agreed as a true record and were signed by the Chair.

8. Progress reports

1. Bringsty Grand Prix
A short update was provided. It was understood that there had been no outcome to the discussions over the Bringsty Grand Prix.

2. Clater Park drainage
A short update was provided.

3. Linton Trading estate access
The Police had undertaken a speed survey at this location; the 85th percentile speed was 51.8mph which was not sufficient to justify speed enforcement.

4. A44 layby closure
Herefordshire Council were not now endorsing the use of bollards or marker posts to close the lay-by. The only option for permanent closure was kerbing which would not likely be a funding priority.

9. Planning

1. Neighbourhood Development Plan
It was confirmed that the Parish Council had been successful in its application for grant funding.

It was noted that a review of the Bromyard area industrial sites was due to be undertaken.

2. P181166/L – Live And Let Live Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5UW. Proposed modifications to extant permission DCN03 1987/L for a rear extension.
The Parish Council had received comments from the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) who were concerned that the plans would impinge on the ability to run a successful business. A resident had also commented on the lack of disabled toilet facilities.

It was agreed to object to the lack of disabled toilet facilities and to draw attention to the comments and concerns lodged by CAMRA.

3. P181113/F – Unit 1, Linton Trading Estate Linton Trading Estate Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4QT. Change of use to class B2, car repairs and vehicle MOTs.
It was agreed to raise no objection.

4. 181542 – The Old Post Office, Bringsty, Worcester, Herefordshire WR6 5TA. Proposed upgrade of attached store room to include replacement of fibre cement sheeting with slate roof, new timber weatherboard elevations and reinstatement of former opening through to kitchen/dining area.
It was agreed to write in support of the proposals.

10. Parish matters for discussion/decision

1. General Data Protection Regulation
It was agreed that a Data Protection Officer would not be appointed and the relevant policy procedures would be revised accordingly.

2. Defibrillator
The purchase of a defibrillator was considered and it was agreed to discuss with Brockhampton Primary School to see if they were looking to pursue. The Parish Council would consider offering financial support.

11. Annual business as per Standing Orders

1. Burial Fund Policy
2. Code of Conduct
3. Equal Opportunities Policy
4. Financial Regulations
5. Retention Policy
6. Standing Orders (NALC’s 2018 revised model)
7. Insurance cover
8. Inventory of Assets
9. Risk Schedule
The above policies and procedures were updated and approved.

12. Finance:

1. Clerk’s salary and expenses – £306.25
2. HMRC (PAYE) – £66.40
3. Bromyard & Winslow Town Council (room hire) – £43.20
4. Came and Company (insurance) – £309.09
5. Eyelid Productions (website support) – £100.00
The above payments were agreed and cheques duly signed.

6. To approve forms to remove signatories from the bank mandate
The forms were approved and signed.

7. To consider and approve the year end accounts
The end of year accounts and bank reconciliation were approved and signed by the Chairman.

13. Councillors’ reports and Items for the next agenda
The following items were agreed for the next agenda:
• Future meeting schedule (monthly or bi-monthly)
• School parking issues
• Update on planning enforcement issue at Linton

14. Date of the next meeting
The next scheduled meeting is at 7:30PM on Thursday 21st June 2018.

15. Employment matters
A resolution was passed to exclude members of the public due to the confidential nature of this item.

The NJC 2018-2019 National Sala0ry Award was considered and approved.