Council Business

Brockhampton Group is a Parish Council that represents the three parishes of Brockhampton, Linton and Norton and it serves around 600 parishioners. It comprises a group of ten volunteer Councillors, supported by a qualified Clerk, working to make Brockhampton, Linton and Norton great places to work and live.

The Parish Council usually meets on the third Wednesday of alternate months at 7:30PM at Whitbourne Village Hall. In April or May we normally hold the Annual Parish Meeting. Occasionally extraordinary Parish Council meetings are called when there are important or urgent matters to discuss.

Agendas and Minutes of all meetings can be read on this website.

Please do get in touch with the Clerk or any of the Parish Councillors if you would like to bring something to their attention; there is also a public forum section included at the start of every Parish Council meeting agenda.


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