Minutes Annual Parish Meeting 18 May 2017

Brockhampton Group’s Annual Parish Meeting held at 7:00PM on Thursday 18th May 2017 at Bromyard and Winslow Town Council Offices


Present: Paul Friend (Chairman), David Boddington, Dave Cave, Roger Steeds, Karen Rock, Clive Brazier, Shaun Simpson, Helen Allan, Gill Williams

In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk), Nigel Shaw (Ward Councillor), members of the public

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies received from Pete Stoddart and Janet Green.

2. To approve the minutes of the previous Annual Parish Meeting
Regrettably the Council had been unable to locate the minutes of the previous year’s Annual Parish Meeting.

3. To receive a report from the Ward Councillor, Nigel Shaw
An update was given on the Velo Birmingham cycle event. Herefordshire Council had been in contact with organisers and the decision on whether to approve road closures would be made in the coming weeks.

It was confirmed that Linton may be potentially be effected by the Herefordshire Area Plan and Councillors were encouraged to attend the consultation events.

4. To receive a report from Bromyard Downs Common Association (BDCA)
Cllr Rock provided an update on the activities of the BDCA. The BDCA recently held their AGM. Funding options for the future were being considered.

5. To receive a report from Bringsty Common Manorial Court (BCMC)
Cllr Friend provided an update on the activities of the BCMC. An application to Natural England for Bringsty had been prepared, entailing a large amount of work.

The 50+ dormouse boxes were due to be surveyed over the summer. Sponsorship for the owl boxes had been very positive. The BCMC were now looking at ways of managing the land to encourage wildflower growth. A cost analysis was due to be undertaken to consider the feasibility of bailing hay.

6. To receive a report from the Footpaths Officer, Janet Green
No report available for this meeting.

7. To receive the Annual Report of the Parish Council by the Chairman
The Chairman delivered his Annual Report, as follows:

We have had some changes on the council, the most challenging was finding a new permanent clerk. We now have a new clerk, David-Hunter Miller, we welcome David to the council and after feeling his feet hope he enjoys working with us.

Our thanks to Lynda Wilcox of HALC for care taking us and recruiting David. The council have agreed to continue membership of HALC to help with clerk/council training & advice.
We have agreed to a new web site after quite a lot of debate, our clerk is leading the setting up of the site and hopefully it will be live in the coming months.

We jointly undertook ditching/drainage work with the Bromyard Downs Common Association in Burying lane, the council finance was Funded from Hereford Council Lengthsman scheme.

We have paid for and erected a new notice board made from recycled plastic at Brockhampton School as a trial, if successful we will be debating the replacement of our other two boards.

We finally completed the roof of the bus shelter on Bromyard Downs. This proved to be an expensive exercise with some difficulties, I am sure as a council we have learned from this and any similar works will be managed better.

We now have our own very local Footpaths Officer Mrs Janet Green ably assisted by Janet’s husband Chris. With Janet’s guidance the council have financially supported easier access at Upper Norton, the work was undertaken by the Ramblers Association volunteers.

The Council have continued to financially support Bringsty Common Manorial Court in the mowing of the football pitch, this is joint funding between Brockhampton Group Parish Council, Whitbourne Parish Council and Bringsty Common Manorial Court.

8. To invite the public to raise any matters of interest
A resident raised concerns at the motocross events being held in the parish. Concern was especially raised at the increase in the number of vehicles attending, and the increased frequency and regularity of events through the summer period. Concerns were voiced regarding the potentially unsafe access onto the Malvern Road. The footway and right of access to Linton Mill had been obstructed blocked by the motocross organisers. The resident was not aware that any formal application to close or divert the footway had been made. Some events have overnight camping and it was queried whether permission was needed for this.

Nigel Shaw confirmed that 14 racing/training events per year were allowed under permitted development, and that Herefordshire Council relied on complaints/feedback from residents if this frequency had been exceeded. Potentially the noise issues could be dealt with by Environmental Health. Herefordshire Council confirmed that it did not have any powers to close an existing access onto the highway. Permission would be needed to close the PRoW but enforcement would be difficult due to a shortage of resources. The regulations regarding camping overnight would be checked and reported at the next meeting.

The Chairman suggests that residents contact their MP individually to expedite a resolution.

It was agreed that the Clerk would write to Herefordshire Council to look into concerns regarding the closure of the footpath, the frequency of events and the noise issues. A copy would be sent to Nigel Shaw. The Clerk would also write to the Police to raise concerns at the potentially unsafe access.

This issue would be added to the next agenda for further discussion.

A resident queried when future repairs of the A44 would take place. Cllr Shaw responded that further information would be available on Herefordshire Councils website and then gave an overview of repair priorities.