Minutes 17 July 2019

Meeting of the Parish Council at 7:30PM on Wednesday 17th July 2019 at Bromyard & Winslow Town Council Offices


Present: Clive Brazier (Chair), David Boddington, Dave Cave, Helen Allan, Shaun Simpson, Lindsey Vernalls (from 7:43PM)
In attendance: David Hunter-Miller (Clerk)

Clive Brazier opened the meeting and thanked Dave Cave for his work as Chairman.

1. Apologies for absence
Apologies for absence were received from Karen Rock.

Nigel Shaw (Ward Councillor) also sent apologies.

2. Declarations of interest
Nil declared.

3. Dispensations
Nil received.

4. Co-option
One application had been received from Lindsey Vernalls and it was resolved to co-opt her onto the council with immediate effect and she joined the meeting at 7:43PM.

5. Open Session
The meeting was adjourned for the open session.

5.1. Ward Councillor
Nigel Shaw was not in attendance but had circulated a report as follows:

Generally the Council is off to a slow start. It is likely that a decision to pause the southern relief road and the bypass will soon be made. Although this won’t affect those of us on the far eastern side of the county immediately, I am expecting that the council will have to fund the capital already expended on these projects from revenue (about £7m) and potentially refund £3.8m to the LEP (Local economic partnership (Government funds). I have raised this matter with the external auditor, as I am Chair of Audit and Governance. It may also mean that we will lose the £27m of LEP funding in place for the SLR which will no doubt fund another project in the Marches LEP (but possibly not in Herefordshire). There is £180m of central government for the Bypass which we were expected to bid for in January, again if the administration delays it is likely that this will be won by another scheme elsewhere in England. The knock on will mean that homes that were going to be built in Hereford will need to be built elsewhere (there is a Highways England cap on housebuilding in Hereford with the current A49). That may mean more pressure on our countryside when the Core Strategy revision starts this Autumn.

I’m pleased to see the B4203 get more new tarmac, but still liaising with the Highway Assistant Director about Burying Lane. The closed layby on the A44 is also still on my list.

5.2. Bromyard Downs Common Association
No matters reported.

5.3. Bringsty Common Manorial Court
No matters reported.

5.4. Public participation
No questions were received.

The meeting resumed following the open session.

6. To consider and adopt the minutes from the Parish Council meeting on the 19th June 2019
It was resolved to adopt the minutes as a true record and these were signed by the Chair.

7. Progress reports

7.1. Grit bin, Burley Lane (update)
Nigel Shaw had confirmed that he was still working to find a solution to this issue.

8. Correspondence

8.1. Resident: Footpath/hedge maintenance on A44 (near Bromyard)
Nigel Shaw had confirmed that Balfour Beatty had written to the landowner to request that they cut back their vegetation to the property boundary within 30 days. Once this had been done a further assessment of the remaining vegetation would be undertaken to determine what further works are required (such as ‘siding out’).

9. Planning

9.1. Neighbourhood Development Plan
An update was received from the Steering Group:
• Tamla Bowdler had stepped down as Chair of the Steering Group and Dave Cave had been elected Chair.
• Preparations were ongoing for the Community Engagement Event. The attendance and support of Parish Councillors was requested at this event.
• Following the conclusion of the Housing Site Assessment three additional sites had been proposed for inclusion in the NDP. It was resolved that new sites could be brought forward in the next stage of consultation (the October Community Engagement Event) and they would then be considered and assessed as part of the consultation process.
• A communications update had been prepared; it was resolved to send this out shortly.
• It was noted that the grant funding for the project was almost spent but further funding could be applied for when required.

9.2. EB/PR01868: Legges Cafe, Linton Trading Estate. Application to grant a Premise Licence.
It was resolved to write in objection to the proposals. It is felt that additional access to alcohol is unnecessary at this location and there is no demonstrable local need.

9.3. P192068/FH: Rose Cottage Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5UQ. Proposed alterations to rear dormers to form new balcony.
It was resolved to write in support of the proposals.

9.4. P191876/L: Buckenhill Manor Buckenhill Bromyard Herefordshire HR7 4PG. Internal and external alterations to the Old School House.
It was resolved that there were no objections or comments.

9.5. P192100/F: Land near Lower Brockhampton Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5UH, Installation of paths, hardstanding and fences as part of the Five Orchards Pointing to their Origins art project.
It was resolved to write in support of the proposals.

9.6. P192055/F: Mobile Home at Ashminton Farm Stonehouse Lane Burley Bromyard Herefordshire WR6 5TF, Retrospective application for a temporary mobile home for use as an agricultural workers dwelling.
It was resolved to object to the proposals.

As a general principle the Parish Council object to this being a retrospective application, it is felt that permission should have been sought prior to the mobile home being installed and inhabited.

The Parish Council wishes to draw attention to there being a number of flaws and inaccuracies in the application, specifically in the agricultural appraisal (these have been documented by other objectors in considerable detail). It is therefore suggested that the veracity of any statements made in the application are verified before a decision is reached, otherwise the application is being determined on potentially misleading information.

Additionally the Parish Council would assert that there is no recorded Ashminton Farm as stated, it is simply agricultural land in the vicinity of Ashminton. Similarly there is no existing farm track.

The Parish Council would question the need for the applicant to live on site in order to carry out his farming activities, either currently or in the future. It is understood that previous tenants of the land have not found this necessary.

The Parish Council considers this land to be open countryside and not suitable for development of this nature. The current mobile home is particularly unsuited to this rural location and significantly devalues the amenity of the area.

9.7. P192038/FH: Brockhampton House Brockhampton Mews Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5TB, Alterations to an existing garage and bay windows. Removal of existing oil tanks and siting of new oil tank. Replacement of floor finishes to the ground floor.
It was resolved to write in support of the proposals.

9.8. P192039/L: Brockhampton House Brockhampton Mews Bringsty Worcester Herefordshire WR6 5TB, Alterations to an existing garage and bay windows. Removal of existing oil tanks and siting of new oil tank. Replacement of floor finishes to the ground floor.
It was resolved to write in support of the proposals.

10. Parish matters for discussion/decision

10.1. Bus shelter
Nigel Shaw was still investigating this matter and would liaise with Whitbourne Parish Council over the possibility of utilising their redundant bus shelter.

10.2. Light pollution (Bromyard Downs)
Nigel Shaw was corresponding with businesses regarding the light pollution but had not yet received a response.

It was resolved to write to Bromyard & Winslow Town Council to highlight concerns (as the businesses most likely fall within their jurisdiction) and to copy in Nigel Shaw.

10.3. Water courses
It was resolved to defer consideration of the Environment Agency condition reports until the next meeting.

11. Finance

11.1. Budget expenditure
It was resolved to approve the budget expenditure.

11.2. Bank reconciliation
It was resolved to approve the bank reconciliation.

11.3. Invoices

11.3.1. David Hunter-Miller (salary and expenses): £541.51
11.3.2. HMRC (PAYE): £49.80
11.3.3. Bromyard & Winslow Town Council (room hire): £64.80
It was resolved to settle the above invoices and cheques were duly signed.

12. Councillors’ reports and Items for the next agenda
It was noted that the road surface patching by Brockhampton Primary School was causing difficulties as drivers were using the wrong side of the road to avoid the uneven road surface. This would be reported to Nigel Shaw.

It was resolved to add the following items to the next agenda:
• Grit bin, Burley Lane (update)
• Bus shelter provision
• Light pollution (Bromyard Downs)
• Environment Agency water course condition reports
• Bank mandate review
• Pensions re-enrolment duties

13. Date of the next meeting
The next scheduled Parish Council meeting is at 7:30PM on Wednesday 18th September 2019.

A resolution was passed to exclude members of the public due to the confidential nature of the following items.

14. Pensions Regulator
Pension re-enrolment duties were considered. It was noted that a decision did not need to be made at this meeting and so the matter would be deffered until a future meeting to allow further consideration.

The meeting closed at 8:58PM.